CIO of the Future: SFSU CIO Executive Development Program

Last week, I had the privilege of presenting to the San Francisco State Executive Development Program, which was aimed at aspiring CIO’s, along with current CIO’s who are looking to expand their knowledge.

My presentation was on the Future of the CIO.  I had great interaction and comments from the group, but what was most interesting was the many questions at the beginning about my “cloud first” strategy.  We spent 15 minutes just discussing the risks, challenges and overall value of the cloud.  Discussing the value and the great potential of outsourcing your non-core IT components to the cloud is a passion of mine, so I was surprised at the level of questions received.  Why go to the public cloud?  Aren’t you concerned about security?  More questions like these, which left me still believing there are a lot of companies and IT leaders out there who are still scared or uninformed about the value.

More on this later…

Below is a link to my presentation.

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